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PiQo4 laser technology effectively removes all common colors tattoos, either amateur or professional. This new technology targets both large and small tattoo particles simultaneously, breaking them into tiny particles that are naturally removed by your body. The laser only targets the ink, and will not harm the surrounding skin.

Tattoo ink particles vary in size. Previous technologies would break down either small particles or large particles, but not the two together.

The versatility of the PiQo4 allows for precise treatment of varying particle sizes and tattoo colors.

Why Laser Tattoo Removal?

Two cutting edge technologies are combined to clear more color in a faster treatment. This means better clearance, fewer sessions, and less ghosting than with other systems. So erase what you need to!

Best Color Clearance

Including the stubborn turquoise and yellow hues.

Less Ghosting

Because who needs a shadow of their tattoo as a reminder.

Faster Results

The speed of the laser and better color clearance means this is the fastest road to a tattoo-free you!

What should I expect?

When will I see results?

The number of treatments needed depend on the tattoo itself, the area of the body and the background skin color. For the most accurate estimate of sessions, consult your practitioner for each tattoo.

Location matters: The closer the tattoo is to the heart the better circulation, therefore better results. More colorful tattoos and greater surface area usually require more treatments. Amateur tattoos are typically not as deep as professional ones, and are easier to remove.

A treatment series can range from 2 sessions, up to 10 sessions, and are conducted 6-8 weeks apart.

What can I expect after treatment?

Immediately after treatment, you will see a whitish “frosting” over the tattoo. The skin will often swell in the area of the tattoo, accompanied by mild redness.

The frosting, swelling and redness will resolve in a matter of hours.

The tattoo may crust or blister as the body repairs itself. This will resolve naturally. The tattoo will fade gradually in the following weeks as your body clears the ink.

What is the treatment like?

Dr. Parbhu will provide guidelines for before and aftercare, as well as the approximate time of the laser removal session.

During your session, you will hear the laser fire as loud, audible popping sounds, then feel heat over the general area of the skin. The treated area will feel as if it were sunburned.

Is it right for me?

PiQo4 laser tattoo removal treatments are not suitable for everyone and carry some risks. People known to form skin keloids may be more prone to scarring after any skin trauma, including laser administration to the skin.

People with dark skin may be at increased risk of hypopigmentation. Hypo and hyper-pigmentation are a common risk of treatment. Be sure to consult with your Dr. Parbhu before choosing this treatment.

Post Care Instructions:

1. Immediately after the treatment, there may be some redness and swelling. You may use cool compresses/cold packs.
2. Blisters may form on the treated site, this is normal. Apply the recommended antibiotic ointment to help assist skin healing.
3. Gentle cleansing of the skin with tepid water or non-soap gentle cleansers followed by pat drying prior to reapplying any topical.
4.Avoid heat, skin irritants.
5. Do NOT rub or scratch the skin.
6. Avoid sun exposure for 4-6 weeks on the treated site. Sunscreen must be used daily while undergoing treatments after skin has re-epithelialized. 
7. Do not tweeze, wax or use a depilatory in the treated area during the course of treatment.
8. Use sterile non-sticky gauzes to protect the skin from abrasion.
9. Do not pick scabs as this may lead to scarring.
10. Avoid vigorous exercise for 2-3 days.
11. Avoid hot showers, saunas, hot tubs and skin treatments until the skin is back to normal. 
12. Please inform our office of any new diagnoses or changes in your medications prior to each treatment.

After skin has healed (re-epithelialized)

1. In between sessions, patients should drink 8-10 glasses of water to encourage drainage of ink to the lymphatic system.
2. Silicon patches for compression to prevent scar formation in predisposed patients.
3. Care should be taken not to apply any pressure/scrubbing/stretching on the treated area nor to have activities that could lead to excessive perspiration.
4. Apply post-laser soothing gel/cream. 

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