Facials are not just a relaxing and trendy way to spend a free afternoon, they are a vital part of keeping your skin healthy and in amazing shape. The skin is an organ, actually it is your largest organ, (the skin of an average adult has a surface area of over 21 square feet and accounts for 6% to 10% of your body weight), keeping it healthy should be just as important as your internal organs.

When you have regular facials in addition to a good home regimen you decrease the chances of an acne breakout or blackheads. Your aesthetician will make sure any clogged pores, black heads or other blocked comedones are removed and opened which will reduce the chance of them getting worse. This is done in a controlled and sterile environment with the correct tools which prevents the risk of spreading bacteria.

You are also fighting the things you deal with on a daily basis that can cause your skin to be dull, damaged and aging. Stress, pollution, eating habits, weather and more of the things we face in life can really take a toll on your skin. Your skin care professional can help you make sure you are fighting back with the right products and treatments.

Our cosmetic department offers complimentary consults that can get you off on the right foot or back on track with your skin care needs.


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