Chemical Peel

Are you feeling frustrated with acne scars? Pigmentation? Rough skin texture? You've come to the right place. Parbhu MD offers a wide range of medical grade chemical peels for all skin types, so don't worry. Here's what we offer:

ZO Stimulator Peel: the perfect peel to help with cell turnover to give your skin a fresh and youthful glow. This is a mild peel with zero downtime. The Stimulator Peel is perfect or any skin type & can be done weekly for maximum results. 

Illuminize Peel™: is considered a light "lunch time" peel. This level chemical peel will remove only the dead outermost layer of the skin. A "lunch time" peel can refresh the appearance of the skin. A series of these peels can be used to treat acne, minor skin discoloration, and fine lines. This treatment is perfect to do before any events, holidays, or just for a simple "pick me up" to give your skin an instant glow with absolutely no down time. It is a great choice for patients who have never had a chemical peel before and aren’t sure how their skin will react. 

Vitalize Peel™: is considered a mild-medium depth peel. Vitalize is ideal for treating acne, fine lines, and minor skin discolorations and blemishes with minimal downtime of about 3-5 days. 

Rejuvenize Peel™ is a medium-depth peel that removes the outer layer of skin and the upper layer of the dermis. Medium peels can be done as often as every six months if needed. They can reduce acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discolorations. With some skin types there may be a risk of scarring and skin darkening after a medium peel, but it will also produce a much more dramatic rejuvenation effect than a light peel. Discuss your concerns with your provider prior to scheduling your peel if you have any.

RevePeel: this treatment is one of our strongest medium strength peels. This peel will significantly improve facial pigmentation and texture such as dark acne scars, melasma, sun spots, deep acne scars, fine lines and deep wrinkles

Enlighten Peel: this treatment is perfect for anyone who suffers from deep pigmentation, acne scars, or Melasma. The Enlighten Peel combines Hydroquinine, Kojic acid, Retinol, Arbutin & Vitamin C to penetrate deep into the skin for a brighter and even complexion. It is one of our top treatments for pigmentation here at Parbhu MD. There is about 5-7 days of downtime with this treatment and you will notice amazing results after just one application.


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